BOP Preventers + BJ 350 ton Spider Elevator + Casing busing + CASING ELEVATOR + CHOKE VALVE + CROSS OVER + ELECTRIC MOTOR + Elevators + Rotary Table + High pressure BOP test pump + Cementing Unit + Master Bushing + Generator + Mud Pump + Kelly Bushing + MANUAL TONG + STABILIZERS + Cementing Equipment + VARCO KELLY SPINNER + Casing + Separator + MI Swaco + Tanks + Drilling Bits

(Various sizes)

Various sizes

MBG Stock inventory for the various Sizes for Riser Pipe & DSA’s & Spool Adapters & Drilling Spool
(sale price & inspection report up on request)

Varco 350 ton Spider Elevator

2. Varco 350 ton Spider Elevator.JPG

Varco 350 ton Spider Elevator Air Operated 14" single Body in good working condition.

National 12P160 Mud Pump

Mud Pump 12P160 pic

USED National 12P160 Mud Pump equipped with 2 Traction DC Motor type D79 make by EMD belt driven and with Hydril Pulsation Dampener.

Varco Kelly Spinner 6800

Varco Kelly Spinner 6800

New / Unused NOV Varco Kelly Spinner type 6800

New/Unused Varco NOV Spider Elevator 14"

Spider Elevator

New / Unused Varco NOV Spider Elevator 14" Air Operated 500 ton with slips 13-5/8", 9 5-8" & 5-1/2".

Varco Kelly Spinner

1. Varco 660 kelly spinner..JPG

Varco 660 Kelly Spinner located in Dubai Jebel Ali FZ.

Cameron 21-1/4" 2k TYPE U

Cameron 21-1/4" 2k type u

Cameron 21-1/4"2k type U flanged top & bottom dressed w/ 4 standard bonnet w/ 4 side outlet 4-1/16"5k complete refurbished by ASAP Industries USA,November 2013 Unused after Certification.We can provide New Certification API16A to be ready for operation.In very good working condition

BJ Spider Elevator 175 ton


BJ Spider Elevator 175 ton with 1 set of 5" slips

Mud Cleaners AWD 3 in 1


Mud Cleaners AWD 3 IN 1 Mud Cleaners Double life Mud Cleaners are a combination of Desanders or Desilters mounted over a shaker in most drilling application. A mud cleaner is installed in its mud system. Mud cleaners for drilling solid. Condition Unused. Located in Dubai Jebel Ali FZ.

Guinard pompes

Guinard Pompes.jpg

Guinard pompes type DVMX 3_6_9 ED. Qty 2

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