Mud Pump

National 12P160 Mud Pump

Mud Pump 12P160 pic

USED National 12P160 Mud Pump equipped with 2 Traction DC Motor type D79 make by EMD belt driven and with Hydril Pulsation Dampener.

Guinard pompes

Guinard Pompes.jpg

Guinard pompes type DVMX 3_6_9 ED. Qty 2

Spare Parts for Mud Pump PZ12

Spare parts for mud pump pz12

New/Unused NOV Spare Parts for Mud Pump National PZ12 1600HP. All Spare parts as below details
Fluid End 3 pcs, Bearing 3 pcs, Connecting Rod 6 pcs, Spacer 6 pcs, Cross head 12 pcs

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