BOP Preventers + BJ 350 ton Spider Elevator + Casing busing + CASING ELEVATOR + CHOKE VALVE + CROSS OVER + ELECTRIC MOTOR + Elevators + Rotary Table + High pressure BOP test pump + Cementing Unit + Master Bushing + Generator + Mud Pump + Kelly Bushing + MANUAL TONG + STABILIZERS + Cementing Equipment + VARCO KELLY SPINNER + Casing + Separator + MI Swaco + Tanks + Drilling Bits

BOP Test Pump

1. New Air operated Test Pump.JPG

New Air Operated BOP Test Pump complete with chart recorder maximum pressure 20,000 psi.

3516D Caterpillar Generator

1. Caterpillar 3516D Genset Kato Generator.jpg

Caterpillar 3516D Genset Kato Generator 600V, 60 Hz, 1850 KVA, 1500 RPM working hours 1902 hrs in good working condition.

HT400 Cementing Pumping Unit

HT 400 Cementing Pump

HT 400 Cementing Pumping Unit driven with 2 detroit deisel engine complete with control panel and jet automatic mixer with density control and with 2 centrifugal pump. 1. Hydraulic System with Detroit Deisel Engine / 2. Cement Silo Tank / 3. Diesel Tank Qty 1. New Rebuilt with Certification

GE752 Motor

1. Series Motor.JPG

2 GE 752 1000hp series DC motor, 10hp double clean motor blower, junction box oilfield hub

3512D Generator

1. 3512D generator caterpillar.JPG

3512D generator with alternator caterpillar 1500 RPM 1500 KVA 480 to 600 Volts 50-60 hz 3720 working Hours, serial no. 24Z00479 in good working condition.

Hydraulic Power Pack Unit


Hydraulic Power Pack Unit driven with deutz 6 cylinder, air cool diesel engine and air starter, working pressure 3000 psi with hydraulic air cooled radiator and hydraulic tank. In good working condition. Ex work Dubai

Cameron 13 5/8” 5-10K RAMS


Cameron Ram type U 13 5/8 5K and 10K OEM Certified. in Dubai

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